Brass Monkeys is the massively popular Mountain Bike Enduro Series headline sponsored by Merida Bikes. Hundreds of riders enjoy our well established  venues with carefully prepared courses that go through heath and pine woodland with flowing singletrack mixed in with swooping trails and stone fire roads that wind through the wonderful Hampshire and Surrey countryside.

All you need to do is choose how long you want to ride for, and then do as many laps as you can in that time.  You need to complete a lap before your time is up for it to count.

Male riders aged 18-50 and female riders aged 18+ can choose to ride for 2hrs or 4hrs, whilst any male riders aged 50+ can do 3hrs or 4hrs and male and female riders aged 14-17 do 2hrs. As well as each event being a stand alone race with trophies, it’s also a round of the Series, for which you need to ride and get points in every round to be in contention. There’ll be podium presentations of trophies very soon after the end of each category, plus Series trophies and prizes at the last round too.  Single speed riders will now have their own category as do the Fat Bike riders.

Thanks to our generous sponsors a large number of spot prizes are also given out during the Series.


The legendary Merida Brass Monkeys Series #10:Monkey

The Christmas Cracker – 17 December 2017 at Frith Hill, Deepcut, Surrey, GU16 6SD

The New Year Hangover – 7 January 2018 at Minley Manor, Yateley, Hants GU17 9UF

The Winter Warmer –  28 January 2018 at Minley Rewind, Yateley, Hants GU17 9UF



Merida Summer Monkey 2018


***As the days are longer, we can offer you additional 6 hour Solo and Pairs categories at this event.***